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New tournaments, awaiting activation, WTF

 September 2016

Russian Open 2016


19eme Championnat de Suisse de Poomsae Taekwondo 2016

 March 2017

Open Challenge Cup Poomsae


Open Challenge Cup Kyorugi

 April 2017

3rd Open Hanmadang


Tess Cup 2017








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Active tournaments, WTF

 September 2016

5th European Para Taekwondo Championships

Subscription for this event through the Hangastar website.

5th European Para Taekwondo Championships Poomsae

Subscription for this event through the Hangastar website.

19th Warsaw Cup

Subscription for this event through the Hangastar website. Click on the link to go there.

23rd Polish Open

Subscription for this event through the Hangastar website. Click on the link to go there.

Irish International Open 2016

DublinIreland17-09-201603-09-201691 (350)
Kyorugi - Daedo PSS E-HEADGEAR - For Poomsae Registration go to www.tkd-regonline.com

9th Hungarian Open Poomsae Championship

BudapestHungary17-09-201604-09-201622 (300)

5. Han Kook Pokal 2016 Bad Kreuznach

Bad KreuznachGermany17-09-201614-09-201621 (250)

Kharkov battle

KharkovUkraine23-09-201601-09-2016451 (800)

Balkan Taekwondo Championship (Kyorugi)

Approval for application will receive only the National Team of Countries from the Balkan Region

Balkan Taekwondo Championship (Poomsae)

Approval for application will receive only the National Team of Countries from the Balkan Region

Black Tiger Cup 2016

SninaSlovakia24-09-201621-09-201684 (500)
 October 2016

BOGATYNIA CUP - Miedzynarodowy Turniej Kadetow i Juniorow 2016

BogatyniaPoland01-10-201617-09-20160 (300)

2nd International Achensee Trophy 2016

Gemeindezentrum Maurach a AchenseeAustria01-10-201623-09-201642 (200)




Hradec KraloveCzech Republic08-10-201604-10-201671 (300)

21st OPEN ILYO KYORUGI ( E - headgear )


MiĘdzynarodowy Puchar Polski Kadetow i Junior - Malopolska Cup 2016

Krynica- ZdrojPoland15-10-201610-10-20160 (350)

15th Galeb Belgrade Trophy - Serbia Open

Subscription for this event through the Hangastar website
 November 2016

7th Hereya Open

SofiaBulgaria05-11-201626-10-2016101 (1000)

International Masters Limburg


10.International Ilyo Cup 2016 - Kyurugi

KosiceSlovakia19-11-201616-11-201661 (500)

1. Grevenmacher Open

 January 2017

Keumgang Open 'HIGH BELTS' - e-headgear

DiestBelgium28-01-201719-01-20176 (350)

Keumgang Open 'LOW BELTS'

DiestBelgium29-01-201719-01-201711 (350)
  Open Westvlaams Kampioenschap cancelled

Beste team,
Gezien het beperkte deelnemersaantal zijn we genoodzaakt deze wedstrijd te annuleren. Het inschrijvingsgeld dat eventueel al betaald werd wordt terug overgeschreven op uw rekening.
We wensen u te bedanken voor de interesse en het vertrouwen en hopen u weldra op een andere kyorugiwedstrijd te mogen ontmoeten. Onze excuses voor het ongemak en veel succes verder.

Cher team, Compte tenu du nombre limité de participants, nous sommes contraints d'annuler cette compétition. Le frais d'inscription, qui a été déjà payé, sera transféré sur votre compte.
Nous tenons à vous remercier de l'intérêt et de la confiance et espérons vous rencontrer bientôt dans une autre compétition. Nous nous excusons et nous vous souhaiter bonne chance.

Best team, given the limited number of participants, we are forced to cancel this competition. The registration fee, which was possibly already paid, will be transferred back to your account.
We wish to thank you for the interest and confidence and hope to meet you soon on another competition. We apologize for the inconvenience and wish you all the luck.

Published on 10-10-2014 / 13:13
  Major outage due to dDOS attack on provider

Due to a big dDOS (denial of service) attack on our provider, tpss.eu and tpss.nl were not reachable tonight from 20:15 upto 22:30. We apologize for this, although we can not do anything about it. The server was running normally, but could not be reached. Currently the service has been restored. Sorry for any inconvenience.Kind regards, TPSS Administrator

Published on 18-3-2014 / 22:36
  GAL and GOL for competitors and offcials

To all users, competitors and officials:

Please note that for each tournament with the WTF License logo it is compulsary to provide the license ID for each competitor and official! Failing to do so might block participation for the specific tournament. If you have a valid license no. available, please fill it in. If you have applied for a license you have to provide proof during registration for the tournament at the venue. If you don't have a valid license and you did not apply, please be aware that participation can be blocked.
This is an important notification and you are bound to the restrictions for G1 tournaments.

On behalf of the tournament organizations,

TPSS Administrator.

Published on 10-3-2014 / 15:07
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61Open Westvlaams Kampioenschap cancelled10-10-201413:13
60Major outage due to dDOS attack on provider18-3-201422:36
59GAL and GOL for competitors and offcials10-3-201415:07

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