Important: Swiss Open 2013
ATTENTION: to all teams participating to SWISS OPEN 2013

Category Female -67 kg has been moved from Sunday 9th June to Saturday 8th June!

Dear Head of Teams, Coaches and Competitors

Notice 1:

Swiss Open G1 2013 will be held in conjunction with the 4th WTF World Para-Taekwondo Championship.
As indicated on the official invitation of Swiss Open, Saturday morning (June 8th) will be for only Male +80 kg and Female +67 kg (only 55 competitors).
Please download the updated invitation of Swiss Open 2013 from
Because of the exceeding number of competitors, one category has to be moved from Sunday 9th of June to Saturday 8th of June. This category is Female -67 kg.
Thank you for your comprehension and we are sorry for any inconvenience resulted from this change.

Notice 2:

As you know, the on-line registration is closed because we have reached 300 athletes, initially 250.
You can still modify your entries, changing names, changing weight categories, and add officials and removing competitors but no more addition for new competitors.
I received lots of demands for registration but I had to answer negatively to these demands because we reached the total permissible number.

Accordingly, if you are not 100 % sure of coming or if some of your athletes are not coming, I would greatly appreciate if you can remove these athletes from the on-line registration platform or to communicate this to me at

Please make sure that all athletes have the WTF GAL Card, because the GAL cards are obligatory and all competitors have to show their cards during registration.

Also, please register all you officials and ask for their accreditation.
No officials, under any circumstances, will be allowed to join the Field of Play without Official Accreditation.
Competitors and officials are requested to upload their ID photos for the accreditation cards.
Some teams have uploaded their photos, and thus we urge the remaining teams to do so.
Any accreditations missing the picture will not be allowed to access the field of Play during the championship.
For those teams who did not pay the registration fees, you are kindly requested to make the transfer to our bank account as soon as possible.
The late registration, after May 10th, 2013, will cost 60 Euros instead of 55 Euros.
Please note that teams have to send their proof of payment. Registrations are only valid when payments have been received and can be confirmed by the Bank and the Organizer.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Please accept my best regards and looking forward to welcoming you in Lausanne.

Dr. Walid YOUNES
Secretary General - Swiss Taekwondo Federation
Chairman Organizing Committee- Swiss Open 2013
Tel. +41763083877
E-Mail :
Web :
Published on 5/13/2013 / 10:31