Belgian Open Kyorugi 2013: Authorization queue
Dear head of teams and coaches,

Due to the great amount of subscriptions already entered for this championship, the organization has decided to authorize teams which are in the queue for the longest period of time.
At the moment we have 45 teams left in the queue, that want to be authorized.
They all have requested authorization from march 8th on. Depending on the no. of participants, the organization will allow more teams to enter their competitors.
But as you might understand, there is a limit to the capacity for two days of competition. So please be so kind to await the reply on your request. The organization will really try to allow as many competitors as possible.
Subscription close is set to the 18th of march unless capacity has been reached.

On behalf of the organization of the Belgian Open,
Kind regards, TPSS Admin
Published on 3/12/2013 / 20:12