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On this page you can read news about this subscription site and the tournaments available. Organizers can send news which we will publish on this page.

70New website and more events...10/4/202115:50
69Error when trying to get results from earlier events4/5/202109:43
68Bug fixed with entering freestyle teams3/3/202108:16
67TPSS2021 is officialy launched as the new website for subscription3/3/202107:24
66TPSS moved to a new server12/19/202000:18
65SOLVED: Foreigh character issue on TPSS1/16/201820:42
64TPSS moves to HTTPS://1/2/201820:39
63Change of IP address12/29/201700:14
62Redesign of the website12/21/201711:44
61Open Westvlaams Kampioenschap cancelled10/10/201413:13
60Major outage due to dDOS attack on provider3/18/201422:36
59GAL and GOL for competitors and offcials3/10/201415:07
58Mail server problems; Mail was not sent to non-local addresses11/6/201313:58
57Upload pictures for European Junior Championships8/28/201309:13
56Upload recent pictures for European Championships Cadets and Para7/1/201311:48
55Important: Swiss Open 20135/13/201310:31
54Problems with registering competitors4/9/201309:54
53Belgian Open Kyorugi 2013: Authorization queue3/12/201320:12
522nd Swiss Open 2013: Announcement12/24/201215:27
51European Championships for Clubs: Important Notice!11/30/201214:05
50Results Ukraine Open 201210/16/201211:27
49Results Russian Open 201210/16/201211:26
48European Championship Seniors: Pictures!4/16/201210:45
4715eme Championnat de Suisse de Poomsae Taekwondo 2012: Classes missing4/2/201210:24
46Belgian Open 20124/1/201201:18
45Issues with registering new account2/16/201213:12
44Special character problem almost solved2/15/201200:07
43Trelleborg Open 2012 Subscription close!1/6/201214:33
42Trelleborg Open 2012 Subscription will close earlier1/5/201209:25
41Subscription for the European Olympic Qualification Tournament12/6/201113:02
40Results of VII campeonato de Espana SUB-21 published11/7/201114:46
39TPSS.NL now also to be reached using TPSS.EU10/19/201111:29
38All results of the European Championships Juniors 2011 published10/12/201113:05
37Results of Svenska Cupen 1 added9/24/201122:52
36Activation problems9/12/201121:26
35Results of 1st Russia Open published9/10/201119:26
34TPSS available in Polish language9/5/201109:10
33Seeding by Taekwondodata9/2/201110:06
32New start page for TPSS7/15/201113:33
31Problem mit der ersten Gewichtsklasse6/29/201116:06
30No live results Austrian Open 20116/4/201123:30
29Problem solved with login page5/5/201111:26
28Upload of photos completely updated4/28/201119:10
27Character set issues7/1/201010:41
26Trelleborg Open 2010 Subscription close1/25/201011:04
25Extended subscription for Trelleborg Open 20101/19/201008:53
24Your subscriptions through TPSS1/8/201013:46
23Subscription open for European Seniors Championships1/8/201013:42
22Open Rijnwoude Sparring 2009 inschrijving verlengd11/19/200900:11
21European Championships: Photo's10/12/200915:30
20European Cadets Championships 20096/26/200900:04
19World Team Cup6/9/200920:34
18Serbian language now available6/9/200917:55
17Live Results3/23/200910:18
16Subscription close Dutch Open 20093/6/200919:50
15Subscription Dutch Open 20092/28/200915:55
14Dutch Open with adidas EBP2/10/200910:06
13Trelleborg Open 2009 Subscription Close1/26/200909:41
12TPSS available in Swedish language1/15/200923:45
9TPSS in spanish language1/8/200921:31
11Site Web maintenant en langue français!12/23/200812:42
10TPSS in turkish language12/22/200809:18
8Website update12/9/200815:55
7Swedish Championships 200812/7/200822:40
6Trelleborg Open 2009 fixed Age categories12/7/200822:38
5TPSS in Deutscher Sprache eroeffnet in zwei Wochen12/5/200813:23
4Swedish National Championships 200812/5/200812:46
3Dutch Open 200911/28/200800:25
2Open Rijnwoude Sparring 200811/27/200816:09
1Design refresh11/27/200814:15