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Turniere Aktuell Benutzer Teams Teilnehmer Offiziele Anmeldungen Heute Neue Einträge Letzte anmeldung
2063 15887 8048 548716 77410 1004382 0 0 Invicta
  von Bulgarien   22-01-2021 / 23:15

Aktive Turniere (World Taekwondo)
 Januar 2021

 OrganisatorTaekwondo Creti und Pleti e.V.  
 OrtReutlingen (Deutschland)Max erlaubt1
Turnierdatum23-01-2021Offene Anfragen1
 NotizTurnier wegen COVID 19 abgesagt.

Tournament because of COVID 19 cancelled.
 Februar 2021

 OrganisatorKO-SCORE & FMTKD Einträge0
 OrtCancún, Q.ROO (Mexiko)Max erlaubtNo limit
Turnierdatum06-02 upto 07-02, 2021Offene Anfragen1
 OrganisatorBulgarian Taekwondo Federation Einträge0
 OrtSofia (Bulgarien)Max erlaubtNo limit
Turnierdatum20-02 upto 21-02, 2021Offene Anfragen1
Anmeldeschluss14-02-2021, 24:00 (CET) (Änderungen erlaubt biszu 14-02-2021, 24:00) 
 November 2021

 OrganisatorTBN Distr. bestuur Noord-Oost Einträge0
 OrtNijverdal (Niederlande)Max erlaubtNo limit
Turnierdatum07-11-2021Offene Anfragen3
Anmeldeschluss01-11-2021, 24:00 (CET) (Änderungen erlaubt biszu 02-11-2021, 24:00) 
 NotizAlleen voor deelnemers uit Nederland, Belgie en Duitsland.
Only for competitors from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
Nur für Teilnehmer aus Holland, Belgien und Deutschland.
  TPSS moved to a new server

We are pleased to announce that TPSS has moved to a new server with more capacity. This was the good time to switch due to Covid-19 unfortunately and the number of daily visitors. But we expect this to get better in 2021.

Publiziert am 12/19/2020 / 00:18
  SOLVED: Foreigh character issue on TPSS

I am happy to announce that I finally was able to solve the issue with the special characters in the different languages. Instead of ? characters now the correct ones are being shown. This was really a long lasting problem. We will update the translations in the coming week so they are all complete. If anyone wants to assist in this, please let me know.

Publiziert am 1/16/2018 / 20:42
  TPSS moves to HTTPS://

Today we have moved TPSS to HTTPS://. This is the secure URL instead of the normal HTTP one. The move was necessary to be compliant with dutch regulations and GDPR, which will be active starting May 18th, 2018. This puts clear restrictions on data security. You may have encountered some small hickups in the afternoon, but now everything is working ok. If you have any issues please leave feedback with the special form on the left side of the loginpage. The secure website is also required for the final roll-out of the Paypal payment addition, which was already there for a while, but not yet activated.

Publiziert am 1/2/2018 / 20:39
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66TPSS moved to a new server12/19/202000:18
65SOLVED: Foreigh character issue on TPSS1/16/201820:42
64TPSS moves to HTTPS://1/2/201820:39

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